Hidden Features Of Spotify

The constant introduction of innovations and the creation of various specific and unique functions has become one of the reasons why Spotify is the leader in the world of music.

But the Swedish streaming app isn’t revealing its secrets to everyone. If you study the functionality of Spotify in more detail and deeply, you can find many interesting and effective options that will make using the service much more comfortable for streaming music lovers.

Spotify adds new features to its apps from time to time, making the service more and more extensive. There are many possibilities, so below we present a set of the most interesting options and hidden tricks. So, let’s take a look at some nice surprises from the Swedish music streaming platform.

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  • Private mode. Just like in browsers, we can enable incognito mode, Spotify gives us a private session. It works by silencing our activities, hiding the songs we want to listen to from our friends. To activate private mode, go to Menu and activate Start private session to listen anonymously (located in the top right corner). A blue padlock should appear next to our photo thumbnail, which means you are now safe.
  • High quality. Spotify offers automatic audio quality by default, which dynamically adapts to the current link. However, if we have audiophile ambitions, with a Premium account we can set the switch to Very high, which will result in 320 kbps streaming. After clicking Automatically, a list with available options will open. In addition to Highest, we also have Low (24 kb/s), Normal (96 kb/s) and High (160 kb/s).
  • Co-created playlist. Besides creating playlists alone, Spotify also allows group entertainment for that matter. All you need to do is right-click the selected playlist and select Shared Playlist from the context menu. Now you can start collaborating.
  • Smooth transitions. If you don’t like the gap between songs, you can eliminate it by providing smooth transitions. Spotify says it lets the music flow. And we must admit that there is something in this. On the desktop version of the app, launch the feature by going to Menu, Settings, and then (at the end of the list) Show advanced settings. After switching to Smooth transitions between tracks, a green slider will appear, thanks to which we can adjust the length of the transition.
  • Search by song lyrics. Have you ever known the words to a song but couldn’t remember the title? This is no longer a problem. Now just enter a piece of text in the search box and you’re done.
  • Group session. Group sessions allow you to listen to the same music in real time. One session can accommodate up to five users who can decide, for example, to change the song. It’s worth noting that co-listening can take place over a distance, as you don’t need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To start a new group session, simply tap the device icon and then select Start Session.

So, you have got acquainted with some useful and unfamiliar Spotify options that can make listening to streaming music much more comfortable and enjoyable.

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