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How are royalties paid?

Royalties are called fees for using someone else’s brand. In simple words, «royalty» is the reward that the author receives for using his works.

In world practice, royalty is the author’s main source of profit, which is why, to stimulate the development of art and technology around the world, they pay special attention to royalties. So according to the CISAC 2020 report, more than $10 billion in copyright remuneration was raised in the world. Payment of royalties to authors is mandatory for all users of works, including music, using content for public performance, mechanical performance, compilation and processing, etc.

To obtain royalties, you must have an intellectual property right (copyright) to a musical work. The author of the musical work records  copyright in the state intellectual property service of  country. A car has the right to receive royalties for life, and its descendants will have the right to receive royalties for another 70 years, after which the musical work legally passes into public ownership. It is such rules that are spelled out in copyright law in most states of the world.

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The question is that intellectual property law is not always and everywhere respected in principle. If the legislation of economically developed European countries, the USA, Australia or, for example, New Zealand tightly controls the observance of copyright, then in other, less developed countries, they could only hear about it.

There are no clear deadlines for paying royalties to the author. In many ways, the frequency of payments depends on how often the composition he created was played on radio, television or, for example, on streaming music services. The law states that such payments should be periodic.

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