How Bad Is Your Taste In Spotify?

In today’s digital age, music streaming platforms like Spotify have revolutionized the way people consume music, offering an extensive library of songs at their fingertips. One of Spotify’s most anticipated annual events is Spotify Wrapped, a tradition that provides users with personalized insights into their listening habits over the past year.

With its vibrant graphics and cheerful messages, Spotify Wrapped floods social media feeds, prompting users to proudly share their music preferences with the world. However, for those craving a more candid evaluation of their musical tastes, The Pudding, an innovative online platform, has introduced a groundbreaking AI tool that doesn’t hold back.

The Pudding’s “How bad is your Spotify?” page

  1. To access this tool, users simply navigate to The Pudding’s “How bad is your Spotify?” page and grant it permission to connect with their Spotify account.
  2. Due to Spotify’s limitations on simultaneous users, there might be a brief waiting period before gaining access.
  3. Once connected, users embark on an engaging journey through a series of prompts that humorously dissect their music choices, gently teasing them along the way.

The AI tool doesn’t shy away from poking fun at users’ listening habits, asking questions like “Do you really listen to LOVE BOMB by fromis_9?” or questioning if they’re alright given their affinity for a particular artist. Throughout the interaction, the tool delivers witty remarks that subtly roast users based on their music preferences.

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Upon completion, users are presented with a set of humorous, multi-hyphenated phrases summarizing their music taste. Additionally, the tool assesses the level of “basic” in one’s music taste and identifies the era of music to which the user appears most attached.

While the tool offers a personalized experience, it’s evident that certain prompts and roasts are not entirely unique. Social media platforms are abuzz with users sharing their experiences and comparing results, creating a sense of camaraderie through shared laughter.

The Pudding’s AI tool

The trend has quickly gained momentum online, with the hashtag #SpotifyAI dominating Twitter feeds. Users find amusement not only in engaging with the tool but also in playfully defending their music preferences in response to its roasts.

In summary, while Spotify Wrapped remains a beloved tradition for many, The Pudding’s AI tool offers a refreshing and humorous alternative for those seeking a more candid assessment of their music taste. It provides users with a lighthearted opportunity to reflect on their musical choices and share their experiences with others.

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