How can I create a free music playlist?

Today, the streaming music market is experiencing an unprecedented upturn. This is also facilitated by the fact that almost the entire music industry of the world was forced to switch to music streaming services, because live concerts were banned due to restrictions related to the pandemic.

There are many music streaming services for users. Most of them have free and paid versions. You can create a free music playlist, of course, as part of a free version of one of them.

How can I create a free music playlist

You can collect the playlist yourself by choosing songs and music on the service to your liking. And you can use already ready-made playlists, which were created in automatic mode by the system based on the musical preferences of this user and his search queries on this platform.

In most cases, you can easily create and save playlists even without a paid subscription. But download them on a computer, tablet or phone will not work. You can listen to music in offline mode only with a paid subscription.

You can use specialized applications to download playlists and transfer them to other streaming services. One of the best will be the MusConv with which you can quickly and seamlessly transfer your media stack from one streaming site to another. Even a beginner will be able to understand this application.

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It must be said that when creating and further listening to playlists of free music, the quality of its playback will not always be acceptable.

As a rule, streaming music services introduce a number of restrictions for their free versions. In particular, the sound quality is lower and it is not possible to download your favorite music to a computer or any other gadget.

Therefore, before downloading, it is recommended to first check the quality of musical compositions. It is advisable to do this after the end of the music transfer procedure.

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