How Can I Delete My Spotify Account?

If a user suddenly does not like the popular Swedish music streaming service Spotify, then he can say goodbye to it without any problems by deleting his account with all user data. Or, for example, you just want to register a new account, but at the same time it is better to delete the old one. There can be many reasons for deleting an account, so we will not analyze all the reasons.

The easiest way to delete an account is for Spotify Free users. To do this, you need to log into your account, open the support page and select the «I want to delete my account» section. Next, the system will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire, in which it is enough to indicate the username and confirm his desire to delete the account. The service sends two letters to the user’s e-mail. The first contains confirmation of the acceptance of the application for deleting an account for processing and its number, and the second contains instructions on how to remove it from the technical support service. Following these simple instructions, the user deletes his account on his own.

Premium subscribers will need to cancel their subscription at the very beginning. After logging into your account, you need to select «Available Plans» and, scrolling down, click on «Cancel Premium». The system will ask you to confirm this decision. When the account is deleted, it is advisable to double-check it. By the way, Swedish music streaming will definitely send a very sad letter for those users who have decided to say goodbye to it. It also happens that after receiving a sad farewell letter, the user’s mood changes and he decides to leave his account valid.

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The account is deleted only on the computer. It is not yet possible to do this on a smartphone or tablet. For seven days after deletion, the account is still available for recovery. To do this, in the farewell letter from the service received by mail, you need to click «Restore Account».

If a user signed up for a premium subscription through a Spotify partner company, then you can go to the site of that company, where you will be able to find out the current subscription status and all the additional information.

If the user wants to unsubscribe, then he has the opportunity to do this on the page «My plan». When checking the status of a subscription, you should pay attention to the possibility of its automatic renewal by selecting the desired mode. If the auto-renewal function is activated, the subscription cost will be charged monthly from the subscriber’s account in advance. If the funds are not enough during the next update, the subscription to the service will not be renewed. Before deleting an account, it is advisable to analyze its financial condition and start deleting it before the day the next subscription fee is paid.

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