How Can I Download Free Music To iPhone?

For many people, the iPhone is the standard of excellence in mobile technology. And this is a completely justified opinion. But apple gadgets have their drawbacks.

In particular, when you buy an iPhone, your device is almost completely clean. It has few applications and, importantly, no music. And for a real music lover, this situation is simply catastrophic. How to correct the situation?

First, you can download music to your gadget using the iTunes music store. This is exactly the official method recommended by the manufacturer, that is, Apple.

With all the advantages of this method, it also has many disadvantages, including:

1. You will have to look for music and tracks yourself and download them too.

2. The size of the library is limited by the memory of your device. If there is not enough memory, then you will have to carry a limited number of tracks with you.

3. If there is no computer nearby, then using the method will not work. A limited list of formats that iTunes understands – mp3 with a bit rate of up to 320 Kb / s and some more.

A more convenient way is to upload audio files via DropBox Audio File Upload. This is a file storage for files of various formats. Free storage in DropBox is initially just a couple gigabytes, but can be increased to 18 GB by inviting friends. In general, enough for a lot of music. DropBox has the ability to play music, but there is no way to collect it in playlists, etc. However, DropBox is convenient in that you can upload music to storage when you don’t have a personal computer with iTunes handy.

Music delivery step by step guide:

1. First you need to register in DropBox.

2. After registration, download the DropBox mobile application for iPhone and log in to it.

3. If the computer is at hand, then download DropBox to it, log in there, create folders and upload all your music there – just click copy-paste from any folder to the DropBox folder.

4. Wait for synchronization until the music is downloaded to the file storage.

5. Launch the mobile application on the device.

After the update, you will see a list of your files. If you want the music to play without the Internet, you need to click the arrow next to any file and select “Access to auto. mode”.

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If you are not at a computer, traveling by train or in nature, then you can upload music to DropBox through the device itself. Everything is quite simple – you need to find the track you need on the Internet and click download. The track will open in the browser and start playing.

This method with DropBox has its advantages:

1. Much more space than an iPhone.

2. You can physically add and remove tracks, organize files and folders.

3. Music plays in the background.

4. You can download music from any site directly from your phone. A computer is not needed. Your music is always with you.

But this method also has its drawbacks, including:

1. You cannot organize playlists.

2. Not a very good interface for playing music files.

3. You will have to switch between tracks manually. Tracks will not play automatically.

4. You need to remember passwords and what lies where. You can’t search for music by artist.

The easiest way is to use Apple’s proprietary iTunes Store service and buy music. It will automatically appear on your device. However, if you delete purchased tracks, in some cases you will have to buy them for money.

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