How can I download songs without any app?

Before you go on, we have to remind you that technically (mostly) downloading music without compensating the artists is illegal. Except for some services that allow you to download tracks to familiarize yourself with the content and then delete it. 

However, you can just as well download songs using services like Spotify or Amazon Music and keep them in your library so you can listen to them as you go into areas with no Wi-Fi. Almost no difference. The Spotify app, for example, can be installed exceptionally easily and quickly without much expertise needed, and you can listen to music for free or download music to keep it for hardly any money at all considering how much content you’re getting in return. 

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We don’t advise using pirate services like The Pirate Bay for several reasons, including the fact that so much of the content on pirate sites come with viruses. In an unregulated and uncontrolled environment like that, it’s very easy to catch something, and then you’re experiencing crazily long loading times, lags, errors, and so on – up to a point when someone steals your credit card information or leaks your private data to third parties. 

This may not be as easy, but getting music from apps like Spotify is well worth the trouble of finding, downloading, installing, and setting up the software. Besides, installing the app is so fast and simple you’ll hardly notice the difference between app and no app. If you do decide to stick with Spotify, you’ll find tons of useful information on the MusConv site including guides on how to transfer music to and from Spotify and fix all sorts of problems, plus exciting opportunities you don’t know about yet. Check out the site for more details. Thanks for reading! 

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