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How to upload music to Spotify

Developers of new products in the music industry surprise us with interesting and attractive offers almost every single day. Some of these innovations are really worth your attention and some of them it is better to avoid. One of the best discoveries in the world of music technology for many years in a row remains the Spotify music service.

How to upload music to Spotify?

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Today Spotify offers its users many capabilities that they will definitely appreciate.  With the help of this service, music lovers can listen to any song legally and for free. It is possible to download the app to any device. Also, there are no problems to use the service on the website.

Many users are interested in the question “How to upload music to Spotify?”  Those persons who are not well-versed in such processes may be a little confused for the first time.  In fact, this is not such a difficult process as it may look at first glance. So, all you need to upload music to Spotify is:

  • open the app and click on the menu (down arrow) in the upper-right corner of the interface;
    • select the point of menu “Settings” and choose the section “Local Files”;
    • here you can find the function “Add a Source” where you should  choose the folder on your device, which contains music. It can be Downloads, Local Music, iTunes, and so on. Then you can manage the folders depending on what you want to see in your Spotify library right now;
    • add your local audio files to playlists and listen to them online or offline. You can create new playlists or add the songs to already existing ones.
    • then go back to your playlists and choose the “Downloaded songs”.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy the rhythm of your favorite hits.

Don’t forget that you can only upload music to Spotify using your computer and having a paid subscription.

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If you are currently using a different music service and are planning to switch to Spotify, we recommend you pay attention to the special application MusConv. This service will help you transfer absolutely any music content from another service and ensure quality and ease of use. Choose the best products and enjoy the best world hits right now!