How can I find a playlist curator?

Spotify is a really super platform with an audience of millions of music fans. To be on the official playlist with a million listens is possible here. There are a lot of amazing stories about how no-name artists have become the most listened to performers thanks to Internet fame. Often the assistance in promotion comes from so-called curators.

How can I find a playlist curator?

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Who is a curator? Official and popular playlists are created by special persons – curators. You can send requests to them, and wait for their reviews. This is an interesting and legal way to get on the official playlist because any paid advertisement is considered illegal on the Spotify platform.

You might think “If I want to pitch my music, how can I find a playlist curator?” and we can help you. There are two ways to find the right curators for your music content:

  • through Spotify’s official website;
  • by building a collection of contacts manually.

We recommend trying both variants.

On the site, you can choose a genre of music, and put your song directly with the appropriate button. It’s a very simple action. However, it should be made clear that the automatic search has a rather strict framework. It can sort playlists by genre. You should remember that modern music has not only a genre but also its vibe.

Another way is to find playlists yourself. For example, you like a playlist, it has wide popularity, and you think that your music will fit there too. Write to the curator. This method works if you like specific curators and can contact them repeatedly. However, you should know that there are unscrupulous users who take advantage of their wide audience and can ask for money for adding your track to the playlist. Spotify does not imply such advertising. Any such paid services are illegal. Not only will the curator be punished but also the person who tried to gain listeners for money.

Feel free to contact your curator. Here is an example of a message that you can send:

“Hello! I’m a great fan of your playlists, they are inspiring/relatable/cool, etc. I’m writing this to you because I’m about to release/I’ve released my new single “Name”.

That’s why I want to share it with the world. It has an interesting story behind it. (Here you share the story). It is really important to me, and hope you will listen to it. I think it fits well with your playlist.

You can find it here: (Put the link to the song). I hope you like it!”

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