How Can I Find Apple Music Replay?

Popular music streaming companies today allow you not to part with your favorite music. Apple Music is one such music service. The Apple Music music library is very large and is designed for lovers of various genres and trends. Every music lover can find here what he likes.

But in addition to a wide variety of musical works, the editors of Apple Music make up various ratings. They are organized by genre, artist, album or mood. But, if you use Apple Music for a long time, then another function will become available for music lovers.

Apple Music Replay is the TOP tracks that the user listened to during the year. Indeed, sometimes there is a desire to plunge into the atmosphere of past events and listen to the music that accompanied you at that time. While you can’t go back in time, Apple Music does, in a way, give you that chance.

The fact is that the music service not only remembers the tracks that the user listens to, but counts the number of times and the duration of such listening. Based on these calculations, an individual rating of the user’s favorite music is compiled. And this applies to both individual songs and artists or albums that Apple Music will place on a separate playlist. The user can listen to this playlist on their own or share it with friends in the same way as a regular playlist from their collection.

To find Apple Music Replay, just follow a few simple steps.

  • Initially, of course, you need to enter the Apple Music application
  • Then you should go to the “Listen Now” section
  • In the window that opens, scroll down to the very bottom to find Replay: Your Top Songs by Year.

Here the user will find what he was looking for. He can open the Replay playlist and view or listen to the songs he liked this year. It should be noted that this playlist is updated every week. The user can also find a playlist of his popular songs for the past year in this section. It is also possible to save these playlists to your media library by clicking on the “add” icon.

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If the user wants to independently view the statistics of the music he listened to, then this can be done on the site

You can sign in using the same Apple ID as the Apple Music service. After clicking “Get Play Mix”, you will be able to independently view information about the number of artists that have been listened to recently, and the number of hours that have been used for such listening. Also here, the user can see the 10 albums that he considered the best, with tracking the listening time of each album.

Of course, each Apple Music user himself determines when and what music he will listen to, but subscribers still find the Apple Music Replay function useful. Firstly, there is not always a desire to listen to something new and popular. Secondly, even in your own playlist from the media library, it is sometimes difficult to find your favorite songs, and even more so to listen to them in a row, without anything superfluous. And also, based on the practical experience of subscribers, it should be noted that Apple Music Replay is relevant at holidays and parties, when gathered friends share their musical preferences over the past year and, jokingly, compare them.

In general, no matter how the subscriber uses Apple Music Replay, he will be satisfied with this feature of the Apple Music music service.

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