How can I get premium music on YouTube Music for free?

In the popular music application YouTube Music there are two versions – paid and free. A free version is available on all types of gadgets, but its functions are somewhat reduced. So, it is unlikely that it will be possible to listen to music tracks in high quality, and from time to time obsessive advertising will be annoying.

The paid version of Premium involves the monthly payment of subscription fees for the use of the service. The first month you can listen to music in the application for free, this is a trial. But you can find several more ways to use YouTube Music for a long time without a subscription fee.

The first method is absolutely legal. It is based on the use of the service loyalty program. Periodically, he conducts various actions to attract new paid subscribers. If you follow the news of the service using the free version of the application, you can take part in such an action and get a paid version of the Premium category absolutely free of charge for a certain period. Most often it is three months or six months. And subsequently, no one bothers the user to refuse a paid subscription.

The second method implies that the responsibility for its application falls entirely on the user who wants to save almost $10 per month.

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First, the user must remove DRM protection (this abbreviation hides technical copyright protection). After removing DRM from the music of this popular service, you should download YouTube Music Premium Cracked (since this is illegal, then a link to this resource is not provided). But in this case, no one can guarantee that the user’s account is subsequently not blocked by the service.

There are several other programs that can «crack» the streaming service by installing the Premium version on the gadget for free. They can be found on their own on the Internet. It is possible that the provided «keys» for hacking will be limited by time, so the procedure will have to be repeated periodically. When using the «hacked» version, it is recommended that you disable the ability to update, because, most likely, when updating, the user’s account will be blocked. Intending to subsequently «hack», it is better to immediately download the latest version of the music application software.

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