How can I get SiriusXM for free?

Satellite radio is a digital radio broadcasting using a communication satellite. Satellite radio is also called radio stations that are part of a digital television multiplex transmitted through a satellite. They can be listened to using a digital television receiver after setting it to radio mode; You can connect an external amplifier with speakers to the receiver instead of the TV.

Satellite radio provides a wide range of possibilities for the user. This is the highest quality of sound of music tracks, and a much larger territory of accessibility. SiriusXM, a popular satellite radio service, also offers a full line of streaming on the Internet. If you are already a Sirius subscriber, have radio or built-in features in your car, or want to subscribe to their line of streaming channels, you can quickly start listening on your computer and mobile devices.

Since the technology requires the use of a commercial satellite for signal propagation, satellite radio services are provided by commercial companies and are provided in the form of packages (sets) of various channels, which are provided for a subscriber fee.

The cost of a paid subscription to Sirius XM in North America is $8.25 per month for the first 12 months, then $21.99 per month.. That’s a pretty big amount for some. Therefore, many users wonder how you can listen to Sirius XM for free.


There are three ways. First legal. It consists in the fact that when issuing a paid subscription, the user receives a three-month period of free use of the trial version. During this period, he can decide to cancel the subscription, thus regaining all the funds spent on it. Then you can re-create a new account under a different name, deposit funds, use the radio for free for almost three months, and then unsubscribe again.

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The second method is suitable for those who have purchased a new car with a prepaid annual subscription to satellite radio. There are networks of car dealerships that hold such promotions for their buyers. The validity of a subscription may be slightly different, but usually it is from six months to a year. Some car dealerships selling used cars also hold similar promotions for their buyers.

The third method cannot be called legal, so we will only briefly dwell on it. There are many pirated sites that provide free access to satellite radio. Sirius XM recorded an error in its satellite radio system, which provided an opportunity for former subscribers to get free access to the Sirius service since 2002, according to security provider TippingPoint Technologies. Hackers who created methods of free access to satellite radio did not fail to take advantage of this error. In addition, this drawback could be used to create black market satellite radios that will never be deactivated.

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