How can I get Tidal for free?

Tidal has grown in three years from a Norwegian start-up to an international investment project with hundreds of millions of dollars in deals. Of course, the number of tracks available on Tidal servers is also measured in millions. These and other figures, as well as a list of respected co-owners who have joined Jay-Z’s project, can be found on Wikipedia, but we go straight to the practical side of the matter.

1How can I get tidal for free?

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Everyone knows that the persons who use Tidal are really fans of high-quality sound, otherwise, how else could it be explained that they pay such enormous money for a subscription? Of course, in addition to the super expensive hi-fi version the developers also offer the ordinary premium version, but it offers the same services as other apps do but Tidal subscription costs several times more.

“However, how can I get Tidal for free, is it possible?” – you may ask. It is possible but not so simple. The free version of this music service is available for 30 days only for new customers.

During the trial period, you can choose whether you want to use the premium or the hi-fi package of services. Perhaps, you’re an avid fan of qualitative music and you’re ready to switch from your old music service to Tidal right now. It is possible not to lose saved playlists.

Try it free

Does tidal have all music?

Just download the MusConv app, and it will help you easily transmit all your music files, for example, from Spotify to Tidal. All you need to do is register, start a free trial period, and use all offered functions. Hurry up to test the unique Ukrainian service and experience how useful it is.