How can I legally download music?

Since the music industry has almost entirely moved to an online format, some related problems emerged. The main of them is piracy. Many people want to download music from their favorite artists for free, so they resort to piracy. Today, we are going to answer your question: How can I legally download music, and is it free?

How can I legally download music?

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We will introduce several sites where it is possible to download different music tracks and tell you about their main features.

  • Free Music Archive

You can find here a big library of audio recordings of good quality. Each track has a license that has been defined by the rights holder. Basically, in order to use the track in your own projects, you have to mention the author. However, if you download music for personal use, it is all considered completely legal and free.

  • Noise Trade

The tracks are available for download and are legal. As a rule, these are the creations of young authors, who are interested in promoting their compositions. Therefore, rewards in the form of donations or sharing on social networks are welcome but not obligatory. To download, you will need to enter your email address and postal code. Then a download link will be sent to your email. After that, you can easily download an archive with one or more tracks – completely legal.

  • Amazon

Another interesting place to download necessary music tracks. Go to Amazon, and then select Digital Music in the search box. Type in “free music downloads songs” as a search term. In the appeared window, find the Free Songs link and click on it. You’ve now got a list of free tracks that you can buy just like any other commodity on Amazon. This application is great for personal downloading and listening to.

  • Jamendo

The site’s library has a large number of tracks. But if you need music for free use (e.g. in videos or projects) not everything is available under a Creative Commons license. You need to look at the license information for each track. Generally, you are allowed to download something for free for personal use only. For commercial purposes, you need to buy a special license.

Try it free

In addition to all the above-mentioned ways of getting music legally, don’t forget about streaming services. There you can save tracks to a cache or even download them. The MusConv application will be able to transfer your music library from one platform to another. Nowadays, changing your streaming service is not a problem!