How Can I Listen To Free Music Offline?

Music streaming services have become the main source of music for music lovers today. Statistics claim that it is music streaming that generates more than 80% of all music industry revenues. These numbers speak for themselves.

Well, if you have constant and uninterrupted access to the Internet and you use the free version of the music streaming application. And here’s what to do. If access to the Internet is not constant or limited?

Standard mobile subscriptions of major mobile operators include relatively small monthly mobile data packages. Not much, considering the needs of today’s users. 4K technology, high-definition movies and VOD services can consume several tens of gigabytes of internet data per day.

Therefore, taking into account the needs of young users and the availability of services, it turns out that the purchase of additional Internet packages will simply be a necessity. This, in turn, is associated with additional costs, reaching hundreds of dollars a year. We do not have access to public Internet networks everywhere. Music without wi-fi generates quite a large transmission that can be used in many different ways.

Physically active people are a large group of users who listen to music via the Internet. Many people do this from their own experience: they put on headphones, take a bike and go for a ride out of town. At some point, despite the active mobile data packages, the coverage disappears. There is probably nothing more annoying when running or cycling than a sudden loss of range that throws you out of your sports rhythm. Thus, the use of special, extremely popular music applications to play music is absolutely justified.

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The best way to listen to music these days is through music apps. Thanks to YouTube Music, you can listen to music without the Internet, without ads, and, which is extremely useful, with the screen turned off. In the traditional YouTube mobile app, the screen would pause the movie when it went dark. This was annoying because when traveling, playing sports or walking, the user had to pay attention every time not to touch the smartphone screen. The issue is completely resolved in the YouTube Music app after using a paid subscription plan.

The free version allows you to play music files, but with commercial breaks. Moreover, listening to music without the Internet in the free version is impossible – files cannot be saved offline. After using a paid subscription to the service, the listener receives the full functionality of the application: the ability to sing offline without the Internet, any blanking of the screen and the absence of advertising.

The Spotify app offers a number of cool features in free mode. The limited version of the program does not allow you to listen to music without the Internet, but thanks to additional options, you can turn on the data saving mode. Music for free without the Internet is possible only in the premium version. But Spotify announced the release of a new version of the application, which will have the function of listening to music content offline, but, unfortunately, the duration of this option will be limited to only one month.

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