How can I listen to iTunes without paying?

Perhaps not everyone knows that iTunes, the Apple music store, is a place where we can find not only paid songs and albums. But our services are also fully free podcasts, that is, longer, usually hourly programs of various artists in which they play music. Sometimes listening to these podcasts is even more fun than listening to individual songs. Unfortunately, the problem is that although iTunes is available for different desktop platforms, that is, for both Mac and Windows PCs, when it comes to phones, we most often have it only on iPhone.

If we want to use this service for free, then it is necessary to understand that the virtual music store itself can iTunes be used without a monthly fee. This service does not require payment for use. But you still have to pay for the purchase of music content.

And here is the cardinal difference between a virtual store and a music streaming service – for the latter you will have to pay monthly subscription fees or even pay at a discount for a year ahead.

Imagine a regular haberdashery shop somewhere on the corner of our street. We won’t pay to enter the trading room. But already for the purchase, for example, gloves, it will be necessary to pay. The purchase of music content in iTunes looks about the same.

If there is still an intention to download music in this application for free, then you need to perform the following actions.

After running the iTunes, we sign in to our Apple account or create it if we don’t already have it.


Select the menu at the top next to the arrows back – forward and select «edit menu», tick next to «podcasts» and press «ready». We reopen the list and select podcasts.

We go to the iTunes Store and we have a view of the podcast. We can switch to «Music», then we will see those podcasts that are musical broadcasts. We can view them, listen and subscribe to those we are interested in. When we return to My Podcasts, all the podcasts we have subscribed to will be there. Clicking «sources» will show all available episodes.

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If we want to listen to any of them, then we just choose them (we can select several at once, holding down ctrl), right-click and choose «Download podcast episodes». By clicking the icon in the corner, we can see how the download is going. When the download is complete, the cloud icon disappears from the episodes we loaded. Then we can just drag them onto the desktop, for example, and they will be copied there as regular mp3 files.

So, as we can see, on this service there is no need to pay a subscription fee and even there is an opportunity to download favorite musical compositions and albums for free.

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