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How can I listen to Spotify for free?

Spotify is the world leader among music streaming services and platforms for promoting music. The main reason for Spotify’s popularity is its accessibility. Not many services offer their users so many options free of charge. And now we will learn about the pros and cons of the Spotify free version.

How can I listen to Spotify for free?

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The first issue we are going to figure out is how can I listen to Spotify for free.

You just need to install the Spotify app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC and create an account. You can also use the official website of the service.

Why is it possible to enjoy services for free?

You’ve probably noticed the short ads between songs. So, Spotify gets funding, and you get to use the platform without any fee.

What does the free version of Spotify offer customers?

Despite the limited number of features, compared to Spotify Premium, it’s a great option for those who don’t want to pay for a subscription. And here’s what it offers us.

  1. You can create your own playlist.
  2. You may skip the songs up to 6 times per hour.
  3. Millions of songs, podcasts, and even audiobooks are available to you, except radio content.
  4. You still have access to shuffle mode. This is a cool feature for those who want to find new songs to suit their preferences.
  5. Functions on the PC and smartphone versions may vary.

What is the main difference between free and paid versions?

Probably the most important difference is the absence of ads in the paid version and the presence in the free version. As we said, when you view ads on Spotify Free, you’re funding a resource. In the free version, you also have access to more than 30 million music tracks, but with the paid subscription, you won’t be interrupted by annoying ads every few songs.

For some users, this may be the main motivation to buy the Premium version. If you’re used to listening to music without access to the Internet, then we dare to disappoint you: on Spotify free songs are available in online mode only, while paid access allows you to download music. Also, in the free version, you can’t use some personalization features of your profile.

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What if I use another streaming service that contains all my music content, but want to switch to Spotify free?

Use the MusConv application to transfer your songs, playlists, albums from over 50 platforms to Spotify in seconds, or vice versa.