How can I mix songs for free together?

Music is a powerful thing that brings bright colors to our lives. Some songs are light while others are dark. Nonetheless, it’s hard to argue that every track is associated with a special period of our lives. Some of them we would like to forget. However, the brightest moments we would like to memorize forever.

How can I mix songs for free together?

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How can we do it? The answer is quite simple. We can make special mix songs to associate them with the best moments of our lives and bring us back.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Thanks to modern technologies, we can do it in minutes. The only thing left is to ask yourself: “how can I mix songs for free together?” and get a clear answer.

Still don’t know how to make a response? Stop guessing! We have researched for you and found some apps which can mix songs together for free. Here is the list of them:

  • Edjing;
  • Music Maker Jam;
  • Cross DJ Free;
  • MixPad.

All apps are available for both iOS and Android users and allow mixing songs like a pro. They have a great variety of features that allow every user to bring something their own to the mixed song.

Using it you can loop, scratch, echo, and change the beats per minute on tunes. Do you want to create your tune right now? Just download an app that you like the most and let’s magic begin.

If you were to ask us which app is it worth choosing, we would say – Edjing. We know that all services are free. Nonetheless, this one has an additional option that lets you download songs from the Sound Cloud platform.

However, if you save the dearest songs on Spotify, Tidal, or other streaming platforms, we know how to transfer them to Sound Cloud easily.

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All you need is to visit MusConv, a special service that can get tracks, playlists, and albums into their new homes without having to copy-paste details manually. Having access to more than 50+ services, it won’t be a problem for it to transfer all your musical content in minutes.

Rely on the MusConv service, transfer necessary tunes to Sound Cloud, and create special songs which will bring you back to the dearest moments of your life.