How can I mix songs together for free?

Once upon a time, DJs worked only with turntables and records, but with an ever-growing number of computers and even a large number of mobile phones and tablets, everything gradually changed completely. Today, it is really enough to have a mobile device with the appropriate applications installed to have a professional console that allows you to mix disks and various media.

There are free and paid android and ios, for industry professionals and not only. In short, a little for all needs. They are united by the fact that they are well made and perfectly fit the purpose for which they were proposed.

The peculiarity of computer creativity is that it does not require extensive theoretical knowledge. The programs offered are tools for everyone who wants to create music. Computers have greatly simplified the process of creating and editing music. Previously, writing was the destiny of specialists with special knowledge.

Today, an amateur who is not familiar with music theory and musical writing can also create interesting musical arrangements. The programs proposed in this section will allow any lover of creative music to start their own creative work, either changing existing songs (remixes that are so popular today) using the Audacity program, or composing completely new songs, for example, from ready-made sound samples in applications such as FL Studio or LMMS. They can act as a virtual recording studio with a wide range of instruments for creating music, built-in instruments and ready-made effects.

To mix several songs at the same time you can use the program VirtualDJ. This is a very effective DJ tool.

ACID Pro can be used both to create new compositions and to mix and remix existing ones. It is often used to create a sound setting for films, multimedia presentations, or the Internet.

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WavePad Sound Editor is a free version of the easy-to-use program, which allows you to create and edit sound files in the formats wav, mp3, vox, gsm, real audio, au, aif, flac, ogg and many other formats. The tool allows, among other things, cutting fragments and combining edited records, mixing several tracks, etc. In the free version, several filters and effects are available to the user. adding echo to the track, reducing noise, amplifying, turning off sound, etc.

WavePad also allows you to convert files in batch mode, which allows you to quickly change a large number of files. He also has the ability to copy songs from CD-Audio discs, as well as record created songs on CD. The program can also be used as a tool for converting files between different formats.

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