How Can I Play Music On My Phone Without Internet?

Music is the best buy, whether at home, on the street or anywhere, there is always a song for every moment. For music lovers today, there are a number of options that allow you to listen to music in the most remote places, without ads and without restrictions. Apps for listening to music offline are still alive and have not gone out of fashion.

There are still many users who have not switched to streaming for various reasons such as the sound quality or the possibilities they offer us. No one wants to lose their large music collections or prefer to get music through an alternative way rather than paying monthly fees.

The first of these free applications is Shuttle Music Player, an offline music player that allows us to store all the music we want on our smartphone and listen to it from it. Personalization is one of the strengths of this application, which has many themes to adapt it to our taste or needs.

We find a dark mode that will allow you to enjoy a dirty night without our displeasure. Based on Google’s material design, it manages to make us feel really comfortable with its app. If you like to try and experiment, its equalizer will allow you to create authentic sonic wonders by tailoring it to our most sophisticated tastes.

It also includes a combination with Last.FM, which will allow us to connect it and automatically download thousands of album covers without having to worry about it. In addition to being able to download song lyrics to sing with our smartphone and turn it into a real karaoke without an internet connection.

If you’re one of those who doesn’t like listening to music on your mobile phone, Pulsar Music Player lets you connect it to your Chromecast and Android Auto for free, so your favorite beats are always with you. Another feature that stands out is the design, where animation brings our usage to life without letting us get tired.

The app has several pre-designed themes so you can change the style and not be content with a preset. You can connect to Last.FM, the system offers some additional features that will make your user interface more complete.

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Among its options is a sleep timer in case you enjoy falling asleep listening to music and don’t want to wake up the next day without a battery. It has an extensive cover recognition system that will let you enjoy them even if you didn’t buy them directly from your platform.

Another big advantage is that it is already installed on many mobile phones as a standard, so we will only have to save our music on the smartphone and start enjoying it without downloading another one and taking up more space.

If you have a smartphone with a small amount of memory, perhaps this 4 MB option is ideal to use the remaining memory for your favorite songs and artists. To organize and organize the songs, you have full control, allowing you to bookmark, sort or group them according to your interests.

For those who have a music account with Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music, among others, we must not forget the song download feature. We cannot extract them from a mobile phone, but they will allow us not to consume data and enjoy it in any situation. An alternative that may be more than enough for those who want to opt for a paid subscription.

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