How can I play my music on YouTube Music?

YouTube Music features a huge media library. Enjoy music online from your smartphone, PC, tablet, or game console.

You can not only search for the name of a song or musician, but also look for a word in one part of the text or a combination of words.

The service not only creates playlists that match the user’s tastes, but also recommends musicians and songs that can satisfy the user’s taste. You can also create playlists with different content on your own, depending on time and location. For example, when you are at work, you will have a playlist with songs that will help you focus, and in the morning hours you will have a playlist with songs that are ideal for a refreshing awakening or when you are home on a day off. You can independently prepare a playlist with songs in which you can relax with the whole family.

YouTube Music lets you easily add your own music collection to your library. This allows users who do not use YouTube Music Premium to download and play music for free.

Many playlists are displayed on the YouTube Music home screen. There are common things, such as new songs and live videos of favorite artists of users, but a characteristic feature is the recommended content, which is personalized using machine selection.

How can I play my music on YouTube Music

In «YouTube Music», you can switch to two pages  – «Hot List» and «Library», in addition to the home page where playlists are lined up. The «Hot List» is a page where you can watch music and videos that are popular today. It will be a special selection of songs and artists whose tracks are gaining the most auditions on the service.

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A «Library» is a playlist that you can create yourself. If you find your favorite song and add it to your media library, you can listen to it next time without searching again. Songs added to the library will be used as data that will become the basis for automatic search.

In addition, the search function will help you find music and create your playlist on the service. You can search not only by the name of the song or artist, but also by part of the text or combination of words. Even if you do not know the name of the song, it will be convenient for you to find the song you want to listen to.

If you’re using a premium version of this popular Google мusic app, it makes it much easier. In addition, you will not get tired of periodic advertising, which will interrupt the play of your favorite musical compositions. A paid subscription in any case provides any user with a significantly wider range of features than the free version of the application.

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