How can I upload songs to Apple Music?

The popular music streaming service Apple Music has long been one of the top three leaders in the global streaming music market. It is popular among music lovers, allowing them access to exclusive licensed content.

The Apple Music music streaming service can only be distributed through a paid subscription. Developers from Cupertino have not yet envisaged a free version.

Any creative person wants to be appreciated with dignity, and one streaming of his music on a music streaming service sometimes means much more for him than dozens of praise reviews. This is especially true in the conditions of the world pandemic, when almost all figures in the music industry were unemployed and without income from live concerts. Having uploaded his music to the service, the artist can count on receiving royalties – income for using his composition by a music service. In addition, his music will be distributed around the world. So, the streaming music service today can be considered as an almost ideal mechanism for the «promotion» of the artist. But streaming also allows you to make good money, being almost the only perfume for the world music industry in a pandemic.

How can I upload songs to Apple Music?

The artist can add one song or several at once to the service, you can download the full album. When downloading a new track or music album on Apple Music, you first need to fill in the data about it. We open a special window in which you need to enter some information about the track or album. We open the list of available languages, choose the acceptable one and fill in the corresponding column. Then we indicate the name of the performer and the genre of musical composition. We write the release date of the album or track. You can also specify the place where the song or album was recorded – if it is a recording studio, then we write it. And if, for example, the recording was carried out in the garage, then it is enough to write down your name.

We prepare the audio file and upload it to the system. We indicate a list of musical tracks if we are talking about an album. You will also need to specify the co-authors of the creation of the composition or album, if any, as well as the producer, if any. Then we save the song. We click «Uppload» and download the signed audio file to the service.

And this should be done with every track in the album. You can then adjust the playback order of the tracks in the list. When you save, the loaded tracks or albums are automatically assigned the appropriate codes.

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The album or single will need to give a cover. You can create it yourself and upload it to the service, or you can use the automatically generated cover, which will already indicate the name of the artist and the name of the musical composition or album.

The last step will be to verify the correctness of the submitted information and sign a distribution agreement, on the basis of which you can receive royalties from listening to your music or using it by someone, for example, when shooting videos or films.

At the end, the system will offer a referral program, which involves accruing bonuses if you attract your friends to use the service.

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