How can you get paid for Playlist Push?

Are your playlists always popular with your audience, and do you want to turn what you love into a way of making money? Or are you an aspiring artist looking for ways to promote your works?

How can you get paid for Playlist Push?

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Whichever way you go, it leads to the Playlist Push service. But how can you get paid for Playlist Push and what do you know about this platform?First, Playlist Push is a dual service for those who want to make money from their playlists by putting music from different artists there, as well as promoting their music on other curators’ playlists. You can also act as an intermediary: a client gives you the task of finding the most suitable playlist to put their music on, and you get paid for it at the end.

So, your very first step is to create a successful playlist on the music streaming service with at least 400 followers. You will then become the curator of the playlist and start monetizing it. To make the playlist work for you, you must follow a few basic rules:

  • create a catchy username so that your potential clients can easily find you.
  • pay attention to the quality of the songs that are included in your playlist.
  • find your style so that the listeners could recognize it with a few songs.

How to attract your potential client?

Try to understand Playlist Push’s algorithms. Find out what works best for you, and only by understanding how the resource works you will find more people. The most effective way of attracting customers is to advertise on your social networks and to place affiliate links.

How to get money from Playlist Push?

The company allows you to track every step of the monetization process. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your income. The platform will pay you money into your bank account after the successful completion of cooperation.

If you want to promote your songs, then the Playlist Push moderators will contact you and suggest playlists that might be suitable for you.

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Remember to put your songs and playlists on as many music streaming services as possible to gain the most popularity to them. To save time in transferring your music files, use the MusConv service, it will move your music content to more than 50 platforms in a matter of seconds.