How Can You Recognize A Song Just By Humming It?

Sometimes it happens that you once heard a song on TV, on the radio, or just somewhere at a party, one of your friends hummed it. And this song does not go out of your head, you subconsciously constantly hum a memorable verse. But what is the name of the song itself and how to find it? We’d love to hear it again, although we don’t know the artist name or the song title. However, then it is enough to try to recognize the melody online.

To solve such a problem, you can use modern tools.

There are music recognition apps. Among them: Shazam, Music Recognition, Google Music Play, and Sony. You need to install one of these applications on your smartphone and, if necessary, start and bring the phone to the sound source. Most likely, after a few seconds of the melody, the song will be recognized quickly. These applications analyze sounds and recognize the song, if it is, of course, in the recording database.

The SoundHound app works in a similar way by analyzing a melody and presenting the user with a list of possible choices. In turn, the Midomi program can be installed on a computer. When you turn on the microphone and play or sing a song, the program will recognize it if it is a modern song. He copes much worse with songs from antiquity or does not recognize them at all.

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The song can be recognized even if we cannot reproduce its melody or remember only a few words from it. All you need is a search engine, into which we enter the memorized words along with the texts in English, all words are enclosed in quotation marks. The search engine will give you the result, even if you enter only two words, as well as the song title and artist, as well as the full lyrics of the song.

The search engine will also be useful when we know that the song we are looking for is a soundtrack from a movie, TV series, or background music in an advertisement for a given product. By providing known information, it can be easily found. It also allows you to join a community of users who share knowledge and collect curiosities. With these methods, we can not only find a specific song, but also play it in a simple and intuitive way.

Besides the search engine and song recognition apps, there are other ways to find out the name of a song you like. We can provide information about this on a social network and rely on the fact that our friends or acquaintances of our friends will kindly indicate the name of the song and the name of the artist who performs it.

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