How come my Spotify isn't working?

Spotify offers a world of opportunities at your fingertips that can be used completely free of charge after a quick and simple installation. The sound is crispy and delicious, additional opportunities (like privacy listening or crossfade) are vast, and there are yet more exciting new things to be done with music with Premium plans. It sucks to lose access to Spotify. 

That’s why you’ll find the steps below that will help you fix your problem immediately. If not, you can always reach out to Spotify support or its outstanding community. Good luck! 

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Check your device for viruses 

Android phones are actually better protected than Pcs but even they fall victim to malicious programs. The more tie goes on, the more creative hackers become. Get a good antivirus or bring your phone to a specialist. It’s well worth it. 

Try to restart the app and/or your device 

It’s a banal solution, but these often turn out to be effective. Restarts are underrated. Plus, they’re easy and anyone can handle them. 

Update the drivers 

The same goes for the drivers on your app and the device. Sometimes when critical updates are released some systems will have problems until they’re brought in sync. There is software that will notify you if your drivers are out of date and download them quickly and easily. Worth keeping an eye out for. 

Make sure Spotify was given all the permissions it needs 

Sometimes firewalls block certain functions of some programs they consider dangerous for whatever reason ( better safe than sorry). We understand. But the fact is, some security service on your device may be blocking Spotify. In this case, you may need a technician to help. 

Are Spotify servers down? 

Not often, but sometimes because of server maintenance or upgrades Spotify servers themselves may become inaccessible for short periods. Have no fear: the team is already on it. You just have to wait it out. But at least it’s nothing you have to do (that problem was easy to solve!). 

MusConv is always happy to help with whatever new questions, requests, or contributions you have. You know what to do. 

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