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How Djuced Music Library Works?

In the Djuced djing app, you will find all the music that you have imported into the database of this platform in order to play the playlist you have created from various music sources such as MP3 files.

Your computer has samples, an iTunes library, and more, recordings you’ve made, music history you’ve played, and favorite places. The main area is a list of your playlists. Please note that you can search for any of your tracks using the search bar feature, and you can also search for music that you have already imported into the database by entering the name using the keyboard to make your search more efficient. You can also use other searches with filters, the plus and minus button will allow you to change the size of the browser text on the right side.

You can use the song information panel to find out more about the selected song, you can also edit the metadata of this file. You can see that Djuced already displays music and folders on the desktop by default for faster browsing, so you’d better always put your files in either your music folder or desktop desktop on your computer. It keeps your files organized and easy to find when importing your playlists and music library in general.

The application automatically reads the files, simultaneously analyzing and organizing them. In the future, all these files will be imported into the song library, however, the application will not automatically analyze them to analyze the song, you can put it on the deck.

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Djuced will parse it to find the BPM key. Analyzing music files may take some time and requires computer resources. That is why we strongly recommend that you do not give the appropriate command and do not analyze your entertainment while playing live. You must do this before you can analyze multiple songs by selecting multiple files with the Shift plus click button, then right click and select the desired item from the BPM menu.

Next, you can also analyze the entire folder by right-clicking on it and selecting one of the analyzed options. And now you know how the music library of this unique DJ app works.

First of all, it is the systematization of the music library that leads to the efficiency of the application. Although it will take some time to analyze the music files, this task will be completed by the application with the best result that will please any user.

It should be said that the popularity of Djuced is based primarily on its effectiveness and ease of use. Even a beginner with a computer can learn how to work with this application, which is why it is so in demand among DJs, especially when it comes to the category of beginners in their musical career.

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