How Do Apple Music’s Curated Playlists Work?

In today’s digital age, where music streaming services reign supreme, the question of how curated playlists are crafted often arises. Apple Music, one of the leading platforms in this realm, offers an array of curated playlists tailored to suit diverse tastes and moods. But how exactly do these playlists come to life?

Apple Music’s Curated Playlists: A Closer Look

  1. The Curators Behind the Scenes: At the heart of Apple Music’s curated playlists lies a dedicated team known as the Editorial Team. Comprising over a dozen editors and curators, this team meticulously crafts playlists based on current music trends and themes. These individuals, often with backgrounds in music composition and engineering, possess the expertise needed to create seamless listening experiences for users.
  2. Exclusive Selection Process: Unlike some other platforms, Apple Music doesn’t accept direct submissions from artists for playlist consideration. Instead, the Editorial Team handpicks tracks, ensuring a high-quality and diverse selection for each playlist. While artists can request their music to be featured once officially verified, inclusion ultimately rests with the Editorial Team’s discretion.
  3. Apple Music vs. Spotify: In the realm of curated playlists, Apple Music and Spotify stand out as major contenders. While Apple Music boasts a premium listening experience, Spotify shines with its vast array of collaborative playlists. The distinction lies in Apple Music’s editorial approach versus Spotify’s emphasis on artist and fan-curated content.
  4. Easy Access: Navigating Apple Music’s curated playlists is a breeze through the app’s browse tab. Users can explore themed playlists, top hits, and seasonal tracks, catering to various preferences and moods. Regular updates ensure that playlists remain fresh and relevant, keeping users engaged with the latest music trends.
  5. Looking Back with Apple Music Replay: For those nostalgic about past music discoveries, Apple Music offers the Replay feature – a curated playlist of all the tracks listened to and enjoyed over the past year. It serves as a testament to one’s evolving music taste and provides a trip down memory lane.

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In conclusion, the creation of Apple Music’s curated playlists involves a multifaceted process, from the expertise of the Editorial Team to the curation of tracks that resonate with users. As listeners indulge in these thoughtfully curated playlists, they can appreciate the intricate effort behind each musical journey.

You can easily find previously saved songs, playlists, and even those you haven’t saved yet but still enjoy in the Apple Music app.

  1. Go to your account’s music history.
  2. You will see a dropdown settings menu in the top right corner of the Apple Music app with a “history” feature.
  3. Now you can view all the music you’ve recently listened to and playlists.

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