How Do DJs Afford Their Music?

The modern world is filled with music streaming services. And music streaming has become the main source of music broadcasting and consumption. Its share in music broadcasting and profit generation for the entire global music industry today exceeds 80%.

The most popular service for DJs is Beatport. This is an online music store where DJs can buy licensed content and safely use it in their activities on legal grounds. All music on this service is licensed, so no DJ will have any copyright infringement issues.

And respect for copyright is an important issue in the music industry. If it is possible to use streaming music for personal purposes without problems, then for use in the public space, mandatory licensing of the music content being played will be required.

How Do DJs Afford Their Music

Sound–°loud is a huge (perhaps the world’s largest) source of music. Its main advantage and disadvantage is the lack of moderation. Each user can upload their own track or remix and get feedback. It’s simple: you search for tracks by tags and subscribe to musicians you are interested in (or accounts with a set of music that suits you).

YouTube is another source of music for DJs. Oddly enough, but a huge number of people put their music on YouTube. Often in the description, the authors leave a link to download their tracks. Even if it’s not there, you can easily find it elsewhere.

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Record pools are one of the most convenient ways to select tracks. The advantage of record pools is that they select suitable music for you, create charts of the best tracks and make different versions of them. Record pools operate on a monthly subscription that allows you to download all the tracks that appear on them.

If we talk about DJing in Europe, North America, Australia or New Zealand, then the issue of copyright and licensing of music content that is broadcast publicly, for example, in discos, is very important, but in many countries it is treated absolutely irresponsibly and look through their fingers.

This situation is quite relevant for most countries in Africa, Indochina and some other regions of the world.

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