How do DJs get their music?

It is not so easy to compile your collection of music that fully meets the musical preferences of listeners. And no one else, like the DJs, knows about it. Therefore, they often care about how to find suitable music and where to do it.

What kind of music and under what conditions can a DJ holding a wedding or other event publicly play from his equipment? Every DJ throwing a party should have legal music in stock. Legally and pre-purchased repertoire will be useful at a corporate party, wedding or club.

To hold a party as a DJ, you should use the original CDs or MP3 files purchased from online stores. For audio CDs, avoid those marked «for personal use only».

As for MP3 files, they, of course, cannot be pirated files downloaded from the Internet. You buy MP3 in stores where the rules clearly and clearly state that the purchased music can only be used for public use.

All the most famous DJ applications can play music in popular formats such as: MP3, WAV, FLAC or AIFF. So everything in your current collection should be right.

However, in addition to this, there is an aspect of the quality of your songs. Many songs that can be downloaded from Amazon or iTunes, as well as songs copied to the CD, most often have a lost format, namely the MP3 format. Songs lose quality due to compression to a smaller file. Unfortunately, this format will sound very exactly on equipment with more power.

The best solution is to stick to a lossless format, such as a WAV or FLAC, in the extreme, use the highest quality MP3, that is, 320 kbit/s. If you are not sure that the song is of good quality, check it on a good sound system.

There are several shops on the market where you can buy music in the highest quality formats. An example of such a store is Beatport, known to almost everyone in the industry. There are also Juno Download, Bleep, Boomkat and Traxsource. Such stores allow DJ to choose songs in terms of BPM, musical tonality or genre.

First look for something on Soundcloud. There you will find many fully legal tracks that will allow you to take steps forward in the development of your musical career.

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By the way, mixes of other DJs are an invaluable source of information about new products. Tracklists of live performances and mixes are often published on the Internet. If the tracklist is not available, you have to find out the names of the compositions of interest by indirect ways. Musical erudition helps a lot here. You can also ask to identify a track on music forums.

In summary, in the case of music available on websites, the amount of license that is included in the rules of this website is critical. Therefore, it should be checked whether this license extends to all rights, including the possibility of using the record publicly, and not only privately. The legality of the purchase of works is confirmed by a receipt.

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