How Do DJs Make Remixes?

Remixes are a great way to turn old songs into new hits. In this case, you can both slightly change the original, and mix compositions (this method is often called «mashup»), which will allow you to get completely different sounding music.

Remixes are very popular among DJs. Today you can hear high-quality remixes of songs from the 80s and 90s, as well as very modern compositions. But how do you remix yourself? Let’s learn this art from DJs.

First, we need the appropriate software. Today there are many effective programs for cutting music, recording and mixing audio files. For example:

• Adobe Audition;

• Traction 4;

• Cubase;

• Mixcraft;

• FL Studio.

It will even be difficult to list all the programs. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The list of popular virtual studios is constantly expanding. New software appears regularly on the market, but the listed DAWs are rightfully considered the best in their segment and will delight any user who creates music on their own.

The DJ takes the original song and just walks it through the program. And the result will be a finished remix. If the DJ doesn’t like it, then he can delete it, and create a new one instead. But for the correct and effective use of any program for creating remixes, you will need to set the desired parameters. And the program will independently create new remixes according to the algorithm set by the DJ.

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There is a widespread myth in the music world that the permission of the copyright holder is not required to use someone else’s piece of music in a remix. The legislator did not show due attention to this issue, therefore, most often it is decided at the discretion of the copyright holder of the original work, which has already been included in the remix or is only going to do it.

The DJ is not the author of the original piece. He only uses the songs of other performers, adds his own arrangement to them and plays them in a certain order. From a legal point of view, the process of creating a remix will be equivalent to reworking the original work. And such actions lead to the fact that the DJ becomes the owner of the copyright for his remix, that is, for a unique sequence of songs by other artists and his own musical accompaniment. But for the further use of such a remix, he definitely needs to get permission from the performers of the original songs, which he included in his remix.

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