How do DJs make their remixes?

The right music is the key to success in many areas. Have you ever noticed that restaurants only play relaxing classical music, while in shops you hear upbeat and energetic hits?

How do DJs make their remixes?

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To find the right track and evoke the right emotion, thousands of DJs from all over the world try every day to make the newest and hottest track even more exciting. But have you ever wondered how exactly these masterpieces are created? With the development of modern technologies today, anyone can create a hit song that millions of people will love from the comfort of their own homes. And you don’t have to be a musician to do that. If you also want to try yourself as a DJ, then the following information is for you!

Beginner DJs can try their hands at the free phone and computer versions of the apps, or the full versions of the trial functions are not enough for them. They seek out materials for their future tracks in remix contests or on free platforms where all sounds and vocals are free of copyrights. However, if you decide to get serious about this kind of contemporary art, simple resources are definitely not enough for you.

So, how do DJs make their remixes that you want to listen to more often than the original song?

All DJs who have achieved a certain amount of success in this field have a fundamental knowledge of electronic music production and are constantly on the lookout for trends, so it’s their remix that makes them a real hit.

First, the DJs choose a song. They ask the label for permission so as not to infringe copyright, or they look for a suitable song in remix contests, where the use of the music is absolutely legal.

After selecting a song, DJs listen carefully to the original track and analyze it before starting to implement their ideas. When the DJ has decided what changes he wants to make to a given track, he moves on to the most interesting part – the production. And finally, before they start working on the material, the DJs cut out the parts of the song they don’t need.

Often, DJs listen to other people’s remixes of a chosen track so that they don’t create a similar one, and also analyze what they don’t like and prevent it from happening in their work. But those who rely only on their own preferences skip this step. The remixing process itself is done at the DAW (digital audio workstation), and the most popular ones today are Ableton Live, Logic Studio, Cubase, FL Studio, Garage Band, and others.

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Here are the basic steps to create your dream track, and when you want to release your creation to the world, you may need the help of the MusConv service. It’s a lifesaver for anyone who regularly needs to transfer or share different music content between platforms. If you don’t want to make life difficult for yourself, install MusConv!