How Do I Add Favorites To HEOS?

With built-in HEOS wireless technology, you can manage all your local and online music from any room in your home. For HEOS devices that meet certain requirements, there is an Easy-Wireless-Setup procedure. This is an automatic program setup that can provide the user with basic functionality.

The application is the centerpiece of HEOS management. It is well thought out and easy to use after a short period of familiarity. Linked devices can be easily grouped by drag-and-drop or used as the rear speakers of a sound panel. This is also possible while playing music, which continued without delay in the newly grouped speakers in the test.

If you only use Spotify or local music sources, you don’t need a HEOS account. Like Teufels Raumfeld, Denon uses Spotify Connect. In other words, you control playback from Spotify. Individual speakers or groups are easily recognized in Spotify without having to mess with settings.

Once you want to add more music services like Tidal or Deezer, you need to create an account on the system. This is also necessary if you want to use integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Integration with Google has not yet been fully developed.

HEOS plays almost everything you tell him. This starts with streaming services, but almost everywhere you need a paid premium account to enable playback right on the columns. One exception: Apple Music is not directly integrated, but can only be played through Bluetooth bypassing. Apple fans who want direct integration will have to resort to Homepod.

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If you lack more power, you can install a HEOS wireless subwoofer. It can be connected to any speaker, and then it will provide enough bass. In addition, you can also use the Homecinema soundbar with subwoofer and multi-room compatibility.

In addition to streaming, classic music media such as CDs or records can also be integrated into the multicast function. Existing systems can be extended with HEOS Link. If you still want to update your system, you can use one of the real amplifiers from Denon. Everything from the middle class is integrated into the devices.

In general, the application works well. It is intuitive, offers all the necessary functions and is easy to use after a short period of familiarity.

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