How do I add music to Rekordbox?

For more than ten years, various DJ software with file management functions has been commonplace for all digital artists. But many of them still do not use half the capabilities of such software.

Of course, knowing these instruments from and to or even using them is not a necessary criterion for a good DJ. Many artists, especially from the old school, simply discount their digital collection on the storage device, completely ignoring any potential benefits offered by file managers.

Ideally, the DJ always has an understanding of what tracks he could play next in his set, but in practice everything is not so simple. Many factors may cause one to question the selected direction. Among them, of course, a special place is occupied by the feedback from the audience.

Adding music to Rekordbox is relatively easy.

Right-click the playlists in the browser section to create a new smart playlist. Here you will be offered many different variables to filter your collection. Importantly, there are also search terms here. So, for example, you can sort tracks whose title uses a particular word using the «not equal» condition, or choose a time range when searching by release date.

The usefulness of some of these options is not always obvious. Using the «Date of Addition» variable, you can only look among recently added songs to your collection, or vice versa tracks added so long ago that you have already had time to forget about them. «Playing DJ» will show you which tracks you play most often (so you can avoid repeating them, for example) or least often (if you want to play more music that your audience has not heard before). And, unlike regular playlists, intelligent playlists are automatically updated when you add a track that meets the specified conditions.

Smart playlists in Rekordbox allow you to prepare long before the performance, and «Your Tags» opens up opportunities for personalized filtering of the library right during the set. The tag categories included in Rekordbox by default cover the genre, the so-called components – instruments in the composition of the song, the situation – time of day and place and user-defined category. However, within these categories you can customize your own tags.

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To transfer music from the streaming music service with which Rekordbox works, you can very efficiently use the specialized MusConv application, which will greatly simplify the task of transferring and adding music to the DJ application.

It can take a lot of time for a full-fledged file management, but, as a rule, every minute spent is fully paid off. Touring DJs often store backups of their music collections and Rekordbox settings on cloud servers. So if you came to a concert in another city and realized that you left all your music at home, you can simply upload your files and data to a new storage device. Rekordbox 6 for the first time implements cloud storage directly in the program, but so far this feature is available only for customers with a «Creative Plan» subscription.

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MusConv displays Spotify playlists for transfer to other music services