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How do I add songs to a collaborative playlist on Spotify?

Music streaming services have replaced the purchase of CDs, vinyl records, or cassettes for many people. In fact, they’ve made life a lot easier for millions of people.

how do I add songs to a collaborative playlist on Spotify

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Among the hundreds of similar platforms, we can highlight a few global favorites, including the Swedish music service Spotify. It offers its subscribers the following:

  • a huge music library of 50 million songs;
  • almost 4 million great playlists, albums, video of interesting events;
  • the possibility to listen to favorite music offline;
  • free subscription option (includes minor restrictions);
  • opportunity to group songs to playlists and make them collaborative, etc.

Today we’ll take a closer look at collaborative music playlists. This unordinary feature can give customers the possibility to share the favorite music with family members or close friends and give them such opportunities:

  • editing the playback order;
  • deleting some compositions;
  • add new tracks.

If you wish to form a unique collaborative playlist (for the computer version of the application), you should take the following steps.

  • find the “playlist” icon on the left side of the interface,
  • select a definite playlist to share;
  •  after that, click on the special button to make it collaborative.

 For phones and tablets, the procedure is almost similar.

After these simple steps, you can already share the chosen music content with your relatives or friends via a link. To make this action, you will need to mark the playlist address and send the link on it to your circle of friends in any convenient way. Moreover, you can share such a link on one of your social networks. This can be either Facebook or Instagram.

Be careful, because when you put a link on social networks, anyone who notices it will get access to edit your music content in the playlist, so it’s best to back up your music to avoid losing your data.

So, the features of shared music content are clear enough, but how do I add songs to a collaborative playlist on Spotify, you may ask. To do this, you should click on the composition that it is necessary to add to the existed list. Then you will see the special menu where you should select the place to move the song. Alternatively, you can click the special three-dot button next to a selected track and send it too. So, you will add audio files into your playlists to make the positive mood of your friends with new musical discoveries.

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If you are thinking about changing your old music service for something more interesting, the simple and comfortable service MusConv could help you with transferring all your audio files to make the migration as comfortable as possible for you. So, download this program, sign up, and manage your music data the way you need!