How do I add Spotify to Virtual DJ?

Virtual DJ is a popular program for creating DJ music. It offers all traditional mixing capabilities, has many functions and is compatible with almost everything. You can demonstrate your own mix without having to carry expensive and bulky equipment. Virtual DJ will appeal to both newcomers and advanced users.

The popularity of digital didging has increased dramatically over the past five years, and this is not surprising. Compared to equipment and physical media, mixing based on MP3 is extremely simple and cheap.

One of the most popular DJ programs is Virtual DJ. The program is a full-fledged music mixer, and classic DJ installations will immediately become available to DJs and newcomers.

Swedish music streaming service Spotify is not just very popular among music lovers. He is a full-fledged leader in the global music streaming market. A huge advantage to this service is its huge music library, consisting of more than 70 million compositions. Naturally, for the DJs, this will be a huge help. After all, almost all the music of the world is at their service. You can find any composition in any language. This is what makes Spotify an almost universal tool for DJs in any country in the world.

Despite the fact that the Spotify music library is the largest among music streaming services, some tracks by artists, albums, or even all their work may not be in it. Sometimes this problem is temporary – one or another artist releases a new release exclusively on one platform, for example, Apple Music, and after a while publishes it on the rest. But it is also possible that music will not be added for some subjective or legal reasons.

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But the problem is that the Swedish streaming service stopped working with many DJ applications in 2020. Accordingly, it will not be easy to add it to Virtual DJ.

To add, you will need to use the services of third-party applications for converting music. We can recommend a specialized MusConv service. With it you can easily cope with the task of converting music from a streaming music service to another format. This can be not only Spotify but also almost any other music streaming service. Even an inexperienced user can use a specialized application. Just open it and follow the instructions to complete all necessary actions to convert the music.

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