How do I approach a playlist curator?

The task of curators is to stop users from thinking about which genre or performers listen, but focus on the feelings and emotions that cause songs in them. This completely changes the way music is distributed. Paying for Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and others, users actually pay not only for access to the song database. In addition, they also receive some solutions in the form of ready-made playlists adapted to a certain time of day, activity or mood.

In the long term, curators can greatly change how people consume music. At the same time, it promotes the popularization of niche performers and genres, and also allows us to discover new products and more effectively develop the tastes of listeners.

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Earnings on music platforms are now one of the most important sources of income for music artists, especially the little-known. By sharing your music in this way, you can bring your music to many people around the world.

To begin, you will need to contact playlist curators of the streaming music service on which you posted your song or songs. Select «Send Song» and select the song you want to submit for review.

Fill out the track description questionnaire as much as possible. The more detailed information you provide, the more effective the song will be promoted, the more auditions it will have and, accordingly. The more payments may be to the author.

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Remember that you can add a lot of details to the downloaded song: the application allows you to better determine the goal, indicate the musical instruments used, what genre the song belongs to, etc. Curators of the music streaming service regularly check the presence of songs that are expected to appear on the market, and after a thorough assessment may decide whether to include them in other playlists.

You can contact the curator directly through a social network. Almost every curator has his own Facebook account, so you can contact him without problems. You can also use Instagram or Messenger.

Any streaming service has authorized and unauthorized curators. It is advisable to seek support from the former. An unknown curator does not actually bear any responsibility for his work or her absence.

You should not forget about the rules of a good tone, because curators are also peopled who have their own views and intentions. They must be treated with respect.

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