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How do I approach playlist curators?

Are you a novice artist who writes songs personally, but still doesn’t know how to make them famous? We know how to help you without any investments and difficulties!

How do I approach a playlist curator

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The key to your success could be in hands of the playlists’ curator. Haven’t heard about such a specialist yet? It’s a person who gives a chance to unknown musicians to be heard and reach the top of music Olympus. A curator reviews songs, builds different playlists on music streaming platforms, and does all his best in order to introduce music lovers to worthwhile music.

Every musician has a chance to connect with such a professional. The only thing that an artist has to do is to get an answer to the next question: “How do I approach playlist curators?”

Fortunately, the answer won’t be unambiguous. Nowadays there are such a great variety of ways to contact playlists curators!

Firstly, you can use the most famous social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram to get in touch with them. It’s really easy to find anyone on these platforms. So, all you need to do is to find a necessary person and send him a message. Tell him your story and try to attach your records or put links on your soundtracks. It will assist to persuade a curator that you are a really talented person.

Secondly, you can contact them on music services like SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Last FM, or any other platform where it is possible to get a private messaging function.

Don’t forget about the old-fashioned way of sending emails. It’s still working!

Finally, you can use a special paid platform such as Groover or Submithub. If your records play there it will guarantee that curators will listen to your compositions for sure.

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As you can see, it is possible to find music curators anywhere. They don’t have a fixed place of residence because their lifestyle is in movement. As usual, playlists curators create a definite music collection on one platform, transport it to another one by using third-party services like MusConv application and increase their income. They have found an ideal balance between work and pleasure by combining the useful with the pleasant.