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How Do I Change The Sound Quality Settings In Amazon Music?

Amazon Music’s music streaming service provides its users and subscribers with access to a truly huge music library and high-quality sound, as well as a host of convenient and efficient features.

Among the useful and practical options you can find self-adjustment of sound quality. Many may be surprised by this, but you should not be surprised. The higher the sound quality, the correspondingly more data is consumed while playing music. But not every listener of streaming music has the opportunity to fully access the Internet and a large amount of data in the package.

How to change Amazon Music audio quality settings, and get an estimated bitrate value for each setting and setting you want to test if you think the audio quality might be bad?

In Amazon Music you can independently set the desired sound quality. The audio quality setting for streaming affects the monthly data volume, and the audio quality setting for music playback with download affects the storage space of the device, which is also limited.

Change The Sound Quality Settings:

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Music app.
  2. Open the Settings Screen, where you can change the sound quality settings for Streaming and Downloading.
  3. First, tap Streaming settings on the settings screen. The configuration for WiFi and Mobile data is separate.
  4. For those who want to listen to sound at a consistent level of quality: select Standard.
  5. People who want to listen to the highest quality sound according to the speed of the Internet: select Automatic sound quality level.
  6. Confirm your changes.

Also, there is a monthly data limit (7GB, 50GB, etc.) and you are using other apps, so if you are close to your monthly data limit, please toggle the switch to Mobile data to save your data transfer.

By doing this, you can reduce the number of messages as much as possible in exchange for reduced audio quality when streaming without a WiFi connection.

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On the other hand, if you want to listen to high quality audio but can’t listen to it, you may have set it to keep data transmission by accident, so set it to Automatic or Standard.

You can improve the sound quality of downloaded music by adjusting it in advance before downloading. Also, if the storage capacity of the device you are currently using is low, you can reduce the data size of the music file by lowering the sound quality when playing downloaded music, and you can save more storage space in this way.

The songs and music distributed by Amazon Music are music files provided by each music label, etc., but the volume and SPL are different for each song. It often happens that some parts of the song are large and initially sound louder, and some are small, but the Amazon Music app tries to equalize the sound quality for all tracks.

The highest audio quality on Amazon Music (excluding HD) is 320kbps, so if you set it to save data transfer, that’s about 1/4 of the highest audio quality.

Just before playing a song, check your data usage up to the point of mobile data usage on this popular music streaming app.

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