How Do I Connect My Spotify To My Denon AV Receiver?

Spotify Connect is a feature that all Spotify Premium users love very much. The easiest way to explain how it works is that if you have a dedicated network receiver (stereo or home theater), wireless speaker or mini stereo, all you have to do is select our audio device in the Spotify app on your phone. , tablet or computer, to which the sound will come directly from the servers of the Swedish site. This is an extremely convenient solution that not only allows you to send music directly to your audio system, but also saves the battery of your smartphone or tablet, without directly using these devices to transmit the audio signal – they only serve as a remote control.

The Denon AV range of receivers offer the latest in picture and sound technology for exceptional home entertainment every day. This is a very high-class technique that has long and reliably won the hearts of many, many true lovers of high-quality music.

With full 4K support, including Dolby Vision and HDR, the brand’s receivers are fully compatible with the latest 4K screens and source devices. With the built-in HEOS platform, you can listen to Spotify, TIDAL, Internet radio and more with great Denon sound quality. Featuring Denon’s award-winning setup wizard and the user-friendly HEOS app, it’s just as easy to set up and use. Compatible with Apple AirPlay2, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for easy control with voice commands.

Streaming sound through Bluetooth headphones is a very convenient function: connect any Bluetooth headphones to the receiver and enjoy music or soundtrack to any movie wirelessly. With or without connected speakers. Connecting speakers will create an additional home theater experience.

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Denon’s award-winning Setup Assistant: a graphical user interface for easy and intuitive setup guides any user hassle-free connection. There are four quick select buttons at the disposal of the user: using the front panel, you can easily save the preferred sound settings for each source. The system interface is not complicated, even a relatively inexperienced user can quickly figure it out.

The choice of the appropriate technology should be taken very seriously, because the quality of the music content being played will directly depend on its quality.

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