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How do I connect to Denon DJ?

Denon DJ is considered to be one of the most famous brands in the DJing field. It has a huge line of products such as DJ players, mixers, standalone DJ systems, controllers, and other useful things that are designed for DJs directly.

How do I connect to Denon DJ?

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When putting such a large list of products on the market, the company also takes care to provide detailed tutorials that simplify the familiarization process. However, despite such care, many aspiring DJs still wonder: “How do I connect to Denon DJ?

Think that it’s a simple question? Now we will convince you otherwise.

To begin with, there is no single answer to the inquiry as everything depends on the product. If a beginner wants to connect to Denon DJ Engine Prime, he just needs to download and install the software on his desktop.

However, if a newcomer wants to connect a DJ controller, the process is more complicated than the one described above. Let’s look at the example of the Denon DJ DN-MC6000, DJ mixer, and controller which is used with Traktor Pro 2.5.

The connection process looks like these:

  • Connect Denon DJ DN-MC6000 to the computer via USB;
  • After that, power on the machine;
  • Open the Traktor Pro 2 software;
  • Tap the “Help” button in the upper left corner;
  • Chose the “Start Setup Wizard” and go through the startup process.

If you still don’t get the answer to your question, just visit the official Denon DJ webpage. There you will find all the necessary tutorials for all kinds of devices and software programs.

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