How do I connect YouTube Music to Siri?

Many users of Apple devices wanted, but technically could not use the growing popularity of the YouTube Music application. This was explained by the fact that Siri, which they love so much, could not find and connect the user with the YouTube Music application.

But in 2019, YouTube Music released an update that pleased many gadget owners iOS. For users of Apple devices, it became possible to use the Siri virtual assistant when listening to music through the YouTube Music service. Thus, it became possible to control the playback of music in YouTube Music using voice commands. Previously, such an opportunity was available only as part of the Apple Music and Spotify services. Therefore, the owner of the gadget from Apple no longer has a choice of only one option between Apple Music and Spotify, as it was before. This technical solution was immediately displayed in the growth in the quantity of users of the YouTube Music application.

Previously, with the release of iOS 13, integration and YouTube Music was available only to Apple CarPlay users. They could start playback or switch compositions using voice commands without distracting from driving.

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Now you can work with YouTube Music through a desktop application. The application can be installed on a PC, which makes its use even more convenient.

Integration with the Siri Virtual Assistant has made using the application much easier. It is enough for the user to contact the assistant with a request to include a certain musical track, find a specific album or artist, and Siri will do everything herself. If you work with the settings of the virtual assistant, you can find a section with music services and choose a music application that it will use by default, which will further simplify the use of YouTube Music.

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