How Do I Contact A Music Producer?

In the music business, everything is no different from real life. Contacts are a very important aspect for a successful career start in the music business. It is worth building a database of contacts at an early stage and taking the necessary steps.

Anyone who knows the key players in the business personally, or at least knows who is responsible for what, has a distinct advantage in any company. For this reason, it is important that you do not hide at home waiting for a miracle. Meet the right people at events, ask fellow artists, and ideally get recommendations and introductions from them.

Dedicated service providers, of which there are many on the market, can also help you connect with music producers, but they should also be used with care. It is highly recommended to use business portals.

You have a great opportunity to personally expand your network at numerous international festivals. Depending on the type and genre of the event, it attracts prominent figures in the music business. Contact details can also be found in many places on the Internet – whether on official websites, as well as on social networks. Twitter is undoubtedly the preferred means of communication for direct communication with other artists and everyone directly associated with the music industry.

Collected contacts (links, business cards, etc.) should be immediately transferred to the contact database and mailing system with various lists. A properly compiled list will constantly change and grow. Care must be taken when handling newsletters. As a general rule, add as few contacts as possible, or don’t add them at all without their consent. Anyone who ends up on spam lists has already lost. Plus, personalized emails are guaranteed to be opened and read more often than unloved bulk emails.

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Pay special attention to activity in social networks. Today it is one of the main ways of communication not only between musicians and fans, but also between people in general.

All music producers are different, some interfere a lot, others give the musicians a lot of freedom and only care about the right mix and getting the best performance from the musicians in the studio. How much power the producer has in making decisions depends on what has been specifically agreed with the artists. Basically, as a producer, you take on a more objective role, which means you motivate the musicians and support them with your input.

There are also producers who compose and write songs at the same time. However, usually several people work on the song, and the producer coordinates this with the lyricists and composers. Sometimes a producer may also be responsible for selecting suitable studio musicians and backing vocalists. Since every minute costs money in the studio, he is often also responsible for time management and coordinates the work of the musicians on this basis. He arranges when they should appear in the studio, and works with them from his side, so that in the end everything coincides.

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