How Do I Copy A Spotify Playlist To My Phone?

Today, almost every music fan uses a music streaming service. According to music experts, today there are up to one thousand music streaming services in the world, both global and regional, and even national.

There are over 400 million Spotify users worldwide. Playlists are the most requested on the Swedish music streaming service. They are compiled either by the music editors of the streaming service, or directly by the users themselves.

But it’s good if the desktop version of the streaming application is enough for you. And if you use Spotify and want to use the mobile version of the application, then how do you transfer your playlists to a mobile device?

1. Log in to your Spotify Premium account.

The first step is to launch the Spotify app on your Android phone. Further:

2. Click on “Your Library” located at the bottom right corner of the screen and then select the playlist, album or podcast you want to download.

3. Next, click “Download” to download the album or playlist to your Android phone.

So your playlist from the Swedish music streaming service has already been downloaded to your smartphone. This can be done within minutes.

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A smartphone is a very convenient device for listening to streaming music, because in this case you can listen to playlists from Spotify anytime and anywhere. And don’t forget that these features are only open to paid subscribers to the premium version of the Swedish music streaming service.

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