How do I create a playlist on Djay 2?

German developer Algoriddim released Djay 2. This is a new version of his legendary program for amateurs and professional DJs.

Since the release of the program, it has been downloaded more than 80 million times, and it has become the best-selling program for DJs. So the updated version with new functions was not even in question.

German developers used everything they learned over the past 10 years, and thought about how they could jump above their heads. And then they took and came up with something very special.

Djay 2 has a new interface with professional instruments for analyzing music, a combined media library with all your music, automatic mixing mode based on machine learning, bit visualization, many new bits, new melody samples and many more.

You can use locally saved songs in the application, including saved music in Apple Music. Also in the program you can find, listen and mix millions of songs through Spotify up to 320kbit/s. The program supports Spotify recommendations, so you can find songs by mood, genre and popularity.

Djay 2

An important function of the application was the combined media library. It contains songs from several sources. A media theater with good organization is very important for live performances. The updated media library now contains songs from Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and your file system. In addition, you can now create your playlists right in the media library. Search in the program has become much smarter, now it has smart filters with a dozen different criteria.

You can create your own playlists directly in the program. The service uses an effective algorithm for selecting music and music recommendations for the user. He can quickly find a track by genre, the name of a certain artist or group, as well as by several lines of the song. Finding music and creating their playlists is now not very difficult.

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To start working on creating your tracks, it is enough to select the necessary audio files and drag them into the program window, they are automatically converted into records with album covers. After that, by manipulating the needle and making scratches, you can easily set the correct bit.

A positive feature of the application is the ability to work with four compositions at the same time. The development of Algoriddim supports professional software used by DJs to create their own compositions, and also knows how to work with the media library iTunes, synchronize the pace of tracks, mix tracks in automatic mode, allows you to interact with MIDI controllers and has other useful and necessary functions.

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