How do I create and curate a playlist?

Many musicians and just users wonder how to become visible on Spotify, where more than 40,000 songs appear every day? It is believed that popularity on the site guarantees getting into playlists, but this is only part of the truth. Presence on the Spotify playlist is only the first, albeit a key step in promoting your music.

When you’ve posted your sheet on the streaming music service, report your song to the playlist via social media, website, and mailing. Share a playlist, not just a song.

Ask fans to listen and share. Thanks to this, the song can get into other playlists – for example, related to a certain musical genre.

In your messages on social networks, also note the streaming service on which your creation is posted, the name of the playlist and the name of the curator, unless, of course, he is anonymous. It will also be nice to include a link in your Instagram biography.

If the song hits the popular playlist, you have a chance to get the domino effect, that is, appear in the following playlists. And this is a good reason to demonstrate this news on your website and on social networks and even send information to the media. Also specify the number of views of your song if it is impressive.

Apply to be a playlist curator. Each streaming service has its own minimum number of subscribers, which is necessary for you to apply and become a music curator. When applying, you should provide information about yourself, your musical inclinations, and whether you will sign in or want to remain an anonymous curator.

Analyze statistics and draw conclusions, find out in which region (or country) you have a primary audience. Such data will help you plan a concert tour in the future and promote new songs (including on social networks).

This is another good moment for an advertising campaign on social networks. Remember that people who manage to become interested in your work thanks to paid posts also increase the number of listeners on Spotify and your payments as a playlist curator.

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Next, the system will send you songs or musical compositions for evaluation. Your task will be to evaluate them and add them to the playlist (or not).

It is in your interest to have the maximum number of subscribers and as many playlists as possible. The earnings of a music curator directly depend on his rating on the service. The rating is based on the number of listeners of your playlists, their quality of reviews and your activity in the work.

The payment for a music curator can vary from $1 to $12 per hour. Of course, to get the maximum check you will have to work hard.

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