How do I DJ with Spotify?

The desire to become a DJ overcomes many music lovers. Someone considers DJ a hobby, and someone is ready to devote all of himself to him.

One of the easiest ways to become a DJ will be to use the capabilities of the popular Swedish streaming service Spotify. He has a huge media library, exceeding 70 million tracks, as well as more than 350 million users around the world.

In 2020, we got into an unprecedented situation these days. As you all know, the problem of the virus affected not only clubs, but also artists.

Some clubs around the world were forced to close due to blocking, a short working day and, unfortunately. With the advent of a survival fund through crowdfunding and streaming sales, the way to play an active role in clubs has changed.

The rating of club hits in 2021 will also differ from the previous one. Since the music market does not work properly, it will be difficult to compile a rating. However, new ways of enjoying distribution have also appeared around the world.

2020 was an era of evolution, as the DJs honed their skills at home. It is difficult to feel the reaction of the audience in a short time, unlike the site, and you can only see the reaction in the comments.

DJ is short for disc jockey, which means a person who introduces music. I think a lot of people have heard that people who play or say songs on the radio are called di-jei.

Old clubs and disco-di-jays usually represented songs on the same player, but due to the evolution of equipment and styles, the current combination of club DJ styles appeared in the late 80s – early 90s.

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To use Spotify as a way to become a DJ, you must first purchase the appropriate software. It can be paid or free, but with reduced functionality. Most features can only be used with monthly paid registration, and unfortunately, some things that have been achieved in previous applications can only be used by paid participants.

Next, we purchase a controller. In addition, there are various problems, such as the need to increase the number of songs after you start DJ, the need for various things and the fact that DJs for PCs, which are now mainstream, are too expensive to buy. You can use the Spotify streaming service on professional equipment for disc jockeys from the Japanese corporation Pioneer. There are many varieties of controllers, so we recommend choosing one that is suitable for its technical characteristics and price.

Next, link the hardware to Spotify and download the media library. Well, of course, he will master in practice work with equipment.

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