How do I do the Spotify Time Capsule?

Mankind has been using time capsules for centuries. Mostly, these capsules are filled with messages for future generations. After packaging, they have to be placed in the foundation of a building under construction. After a while, if someone finds such a capsule and opens its content, it may seem as if he/she has gone back in time. Therefore, a person gets an opportunity to plunge fully into that period.

How do I do the Spotify Time Capsule?

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Have you ever wanted to create a time capsule for yourself? Would you like to revive all the memories of the past year? Well, such a new time capsule feature has been introduced by the streaming service Spotify. The platform is available in over 100 countries and has a large library. You’re sure to find something here to create your time capsule.

Music always holds our memories. Some songs you listened to when you were completely broken, and some tracks surrounded you during your first kiss. From 2024, with Spotify, you’ll be able to listen to all the songs that are significant to you. But, you can already compile a selection to “conserve” it in a capsule.

And now let’s reply to the such frequent question as: “How do I do the Spotify Time Capsule?

Since Spotify has recently introduced time capsules, which you could listen to in 2024, let’s look at how to create them in the future. 

  1. Check for a subscription and update the application to the latest version.
  2. Next, go to Spotify’s official website in the playlistinbottle section.
  3. Follow the link or scan the QR code.
  4. Next, in the application, you can customize the appearance of your bottle.
  5. Afterwards, you will be prompted to reply to some questions. For example:
  6. what song made you cry when you were alone;
  7. what track was constantly played at your summer party;
  8. what song have you danced to on your first date, and so on.
  9. “Conserve” your digital capsule and send it to you in the future.

The time capsule feature is available to absolutely all subscribers. That means that even if you have the free streaming version, you still can try it out.

The only thing the developers warn you about is the timeframe for the capsule creation. To make it work, you need to create it before New Year’s Eve. Then Spotify will send it to you in January of the coming New Year.

Moreover, make sure to check the list of countries for which the time capsule feature is available. If your country is on the list, you will be able to use it.

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But what if you do not use Spotify? How to get a time capsule? There is a convenient solution. Use the special service Musconv to migrate to Spotify safely and without losing your music content. You have the ability to transfer any amount of music at once, including playlists, albums, clips, and much more just in a couple of minutes.