How Do I Download Music From Bugs

The Korean music streaming service Bugs is considered one of the favorite services in its country. The basic version of this streaming service is free. The paid version does not have a fixed price. The price depends on the set of options and, oddly enough, the number of songs uploaded by the user on the service.

Bugs delivers 320kbps AAC audio quality in the latest way by applying the best performance AAC encoder through a rigorous internal consultation process.

Bugs’ “AAC 320kbps” has a lower capacity than FLAC, but has been confirmed to be closest to FLAC. AAC 320kbps audio quality provides audio sources with a bitrate of at least 319.5kbps. The bit rate information may be displayed differently depending on the player you are using.

As of today, it is Korea’s largest FLAC high-quality audio source service. The music library of the service is huge. Korean users will be able to fully enjoy the largest domestic music sources such as pop, pop, OST, hip-hop, rock, indie, nursery rhymes and classics with charts and latest albums.

In Bugs Player, you can choose which songs to play, the order in which they play, etc., according to your personal preferences. The service has a simple and beautiful design and an intuitive user interface.

A significant disadvantage of the service is that it supports listening (streaming), rather than saving and loading tracks.

In order for the user to be able to download songs, he must issue a paid subscription to the service. The download procedure itself is very simple and intuitive even for an inexperienced user.

In Bugs, there is a clear gradation of the cost of the service from the number of downloaded songs. To be more precise, the user chooses a tariff for himself, in which there is a certain maximum number of downloads.

The cost of each of the tariffs is different. Payment is made in Korean Won. But you can pay with a card belonging to one of the international payment systems. In this case, any currency can be used. The price will largely depend on the Korean currency conversion rate.

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Regular streaming without download option will cost the user 10,900 won per month. It’s $9.96. A streaming plan with the ability to download no more than 30 tracks per month will cost the user as early as 12,900 won. It’s almost 13 dollars. And if the user intends to download no more than 65 songs per month, then he will need to subscribe with a monthly rate of 16,900 won, which is just over $14. But for downloading no more than a hundred songs for a month, you will need to apply for a tariff costing 23,900 won per month, which is almost 20 dollars.

The struggle to own the user’s love has led to fierce competition in the Korean music market. The struggle became fiercer especially after the arrival of world giants such as Spotify on the Korean market. Therefore, Bugs, in pursuit of new subscribers, began to frequently hold various promotions for new listeners. If you take advantage of the promotion, then it is quite possible to significantly save on a subscription.

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