How Do I Download VST Plugins On Mac?

Often, in order to fully reveal the potential of the performer, and sing in such a way that it becomes a hit, he is forced by well-produced and dramatically well-built music. And to create such music, you need to have not only talent and experience, but also modern tools for writing and arranging. The advent of the computer as a mini-studio for recording music was a huge breakthrough in the music industry. Now, not only professional musicians and composers could make music, but also just amateurs or novice musicians.

VST, which the music world first heard about in 1999, immediately and dramatically changed it. Advanced technology has given musicians the ability to embed and transfer real musical instruments and effects. Now they could create a virtual music world, and computers were simply superb recording studios.

Musicians who use Mac and work on its operating system may want to use VST plugins. This greatly expands the possibilities of their technique, and the number of effects will also pleasantly surprise. But here’s the trouble – Mac was not originally provided for using plugins of this format. But you can still solve the problem if you know how to properly install VST plugins on a Mac. In theory, you won’t be able to install these plugins on a Mac. But in practice, there are workarounds that can be used to do this.

There is great news for musicians using Mac OS. A program has appeared that allows you to «hook» Windows-only VST directly into a DAW under Mac OS X – Plugwire. This program is free on an ongoing basis, so anyone can use it, even without a subscription.

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Also on the Internet you can find sites where you can download VST plugins for Mac for free. Each plugin has a complete set of information:

• description;

• examples of applications;

• interface screen;

• download link.

By the way, the VST format itself is considered cross-platform. But all musicians know that it is much better suited to work on Windows. Initially, Mac is designed to use plugins in the AU format, it was specially designed for Apple gadgets, on which it feels comfortable and friendly. The specialists of the company from Cupertino immediately appreciated the importance and prospects of the technological breakthrough caused by the appearance of plug-ins in the VST format on the market. Of course, they decided to try to improve this technology and adapt it to their macOS products.

The algorithm for installing VST plugins on Apple computers can be found in a video that details this process.

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