How Do I Export My YouTube Music Library?

If you are a YouTube Music user, then you are sure to be happy with this music streaming service. It has many benefits. Among them are a free version on an ongoing basis, a huge music library, effective music recommendation algorithms and an individual approach to each user.

But there comes a point when you find something better. Maybe your music preferences have changed or you just found a music streaming service that suits you better for one reason or another. But what to do if a large library has already been created on YouTube Music and you are sorry to part with it, sorry to neglect the results of your titanic efforts to collect your own music library?

The exit is simple. You can use a third-party app to export your music library that you’ve built on YouTube Music to another music streaming service.

The specialized MusConv application will be an effective solution for you. Here we have a selection from a number of more or less necessary features that can improve the discovery and transfer of your music. This platform allows you to work efficiently, regardless of the platform and operating system you use.

This application has another advantage. File transfer can occur in the background, and the program itself can be minimized and another program opened. When the transfer is completed, the app will send you a notification.

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The app restores some power through other features. You can clone a playlist very quickly, create a new one right in the app, edit an existing one, and even split it into two different ones. In addition, you can combine playlists so that when one ends, the other starts at a user-specified point – this can be its beginning or any other moment. It is recommended not to transfer large volumes of music content at once, this will complicate the work and reduce the speed of the application. It is better to transfer your media library in small batches, this will not require the use of large hardware resources.

The application can be tested absolutely free of charge. While using the free version of the app is by far the safest and most acceptable option, it’s not very attractive. If you like the efficiency of its work, then you can subscribe to it, choosing the most suitable tariff plan for you.

There are also many options related to sorting and searching the music library. You don’t have to download a program to convert files – you can do it online.

Intuitive interface, high speed and performance, the ability to interact with many streaming services makes this program one of the best offers on the market today.

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